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Mid-Day Dog Walking

Our dog walking rates are based on time spent with your dog. We offer services in 10-minute intervals.

10 minutes=$10.00

20 minutes=$15.00

30 minutes=$19.00

Only $5 more to walk your second dog for any amount of time!

Clients that are mainly interested in allowing their dog the opportunity to get outside for a bit to relieve themselves generally prefer the 10 minute option.

Those that are interested in their dog getting a good amount of exercise should sign up for the 20 minute walks.

The 30 minute walk is great for overactive breeds such as: Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Labrador, Beagles, etc.

Longer walks/visits are also available--Inquire For Additional Rates/Details!


Pet Sitting

Slumber Care (In-Our-Home):

Dogs: $40/calendar day*. This includes two 30-minute walks, soft bedding, food bowls, playtime, bathroom breaks throughout the day, and constant supervision. Transportation to and from our home will be provided by Tail Wags Pet Care.

Cats and all other in home pets: $20/day.

*Please inquire about fees for additional pets.

Pet Pal (In-Your-Home):

Dogs: $17/visit         
Cats: $15/visit
You can schedule as many visits per day as you would like. Tail Wags will make visits between the hours of 8:30am and 10:30pm. Service prior to 8:30 and after 10:30 is available for an extra charge of $5 per visit. Each house call is no less than twenty minutes, and is oftentimes much longer since it includes a bathroom break, feeding, watering, playtime, and treats. While you are away, Tail Wags Pet Care also offers additional complimentary services such as plant maintenance, mail and newspaper retrieval, and any additional safety precautions to create the appearance that someone is home.

**Pet Pal Party (overnight care in-your-home) is also available upon request. Please inquire for more information.

**Also, contact us for rates & details regarding our other services, such as:
Pet Taxi, Doggy Playgroups, Key Drop Off/Pick Up, Litter Box Overhaul, Litter Box Replacement & More.

Care for farm animals also available.

-Dog Walking is not provided on any federal holidays or on Fairfax County Snow Days.  If you request service on any one of these days, the fee for special service will be added to your next invoice. 

Additional Fees/Charges May Apply To All Services.

Holiday Surcharges Will Also Be Assessed During Holiday Periods. Email For Tail Wags Holiday Dates/Schedule.

*Please contact us for additional rates and services at [email protected]

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