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Pet Pal Of The Month

Our Pet Pals Of The Month are fun, spirited and cuddly pals that get to shine in the spotlight for a month!


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March:  Zeke



Zeke is an amazing guy!  An American Yellow Lab, Zeke is a sweet and cuddly boy with a lot of love to give!  We used to see Zekey daily for our routine walks, but since his mom is now a part of our Tail Wags team, she is now his daily walker!  Zeke couldn't be happier, but Kate and Mary sure do miss seeing him every day!






 February:  Emma


Emma is a gorgeous girl with a great big heart!  Emma recently was diagnosed with diabetes, but with treatment and medication, she is doing great!  A strong girl who has gone through a lot in the past few months, Emma is an absolute doll and we are so glad she's doing so well!  We love Emma a lot and the older she gets, the more and more beautiful she is. 


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