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You can now pay online for all of the services offered by Tail Wags Pet Care. Tail Wags accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and E-checks!  However, there is an additional fee associated with this service.  The fee for this service is 3% of your invoice total
E.g.  Invoice Total: $300.00   If paid via cash/check, total due is $300.00.  If paid via Paypal using the link below, the total due is $309.00. 

Don't have a calculator handy?  Here's a quick reference: Google Calculator.  To use Google Calculator, type in "3 percent of <your invoice total>" for a quick & easy calculation!  You can also email us at [email protected] and we will send you an updated invoice with the paypal fee invoice total, so that you can pay using the link below. 
Don't want to pay any extra fees?  No problem!  You can always mail a check directly to Tail Wags or leave cash/check in a sealed envelope on the date of service. 
Ready to make a payment? 
Click on the link below & enter your invoice total + the 3% Paypal fee.  
.....*Why does the link above say "Donate?"  Well, for Paypal purposes, we've found the easiest and quickest way for our pet parents to make a payment is to enter their own invoice amount and then submit their payment.  The "Paypal Donation Option" is the simplest way to accomplish this!*   *  Tail Wags does not profit from the applicable fee.  All unpaid fees will be added to your next invoice.  *
Contact Tail Wags For More Information: [email protected] 

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