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GRAND OPENING!!  Sophia Papadakis, a valued member of our Tail Wags team, is celebrating the Grand Opening of her very own business!  It is an internet shopping web site and allows everyone to participcate FREE of charge.  Her online site is through Market America (sort of like Amazon.com but even more interesting) and they have very high quality products in many areas, including pet health, pet travel accessories, pet vitamins and supplements, pet collars and leashes, pet beds and even products for pet parents, including health, nutrition, cosmetics, skin care, anti-aging, vitamins and so much more!  And the best part is that there are many ways for the consumer to receive cashback for their purchases.  Discover Card and American Express have been doing it for years and in a different way, this is a great way to shop, save, browse and benefit!  So check it out, support another small business owner and find some wonderful products for you and your pets that you need/want anyway!  Browse, Shop, Save and Benefit!


Natalie Fortunato, a valued member of our Tail Wags team, has an online store that specializes in custom pet collars/leashes, custom baby clothes, customized household items and much much more, NattieFaye.com is a fantastic place to purchase personalized items for your pets, gifts for that upcomming baby shower, or fun holiday gifts everyone will love!  Of course, NattieFaye.com takes extra care in making sure each creation is unique, made meticulously and is sure to impress!  Visit Natalie's store today and find something for yourself, a friend or a furry loved one!             http://www.NattieFaye.com


Of course, we all go to Petsmart and Petco here and there but if you are looking for premium pet food at a fantastic price, visit Pet Sage on South Dove Street. Pet Sage offers the best pet food available at the lowest price around. http://www.petsage.com

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria provides pet adoption for Alexandria residents. It is truly a wonderful organization that sponsors a number of fantastic pet events every year.

One great thing about Alexandria is the dog parks! The dog parks are a great place to exercise and socialize your dog after work or on the weekends. The city has a website providing the locations of all its fenced and non-fenced parks. Be sure and review all the rules and safety precautions before taking your dog. That way we can keep our dog parks safe and fun for our canine friends!

Health insurance is important to us as pet parents; believe it or not, pet health insurance is as important! We've all had minor freak accidents/ailments hit our pets out of the blue; in those times, we are first most concerned with making sure our pet pups/kitties get better and be as healthy and happy as they can be. When these minor situations occur, it is nice to have health insurance for your pet that will help out with the vet costs; the realities of living in the DC area include higher vet bills than other areas of the country. For these reasons and of course the more obvious reasons (in the unlikely event of a serious situation), pet health insurance is as important as our own human health insurance. You can find many pet insurance programs on the web, but to start your search you can start by looking at sites/companies like:
http://www.petcareinsurance.com/ If you have an older pet, you can find some great coverage and insurance from places like: http://www.aspcapetinsurance.com/Pet-Insurance-Default.aspx Do your own research and find a company that works best for you, your pet, your budget, etc.

Looking to adopt? It's so beyond rewarding to save an animal that is already alive, living in a shelter/foster home, waiting for the chance to have a home and find the love of a family. If you are looking to adopt, you can find well adjusted animals in need or if you have more time and patience, adopt an animal that needs that little bit of extra love, attention, patience and understanding. Either way, when you save a pet in need, you're one integral puzzle piece of a much larger picture that would be otherwise incomplete. As a starting place, check out:
http://www.petfinder.com/ and don't be dissuaded by animals in far away states; there are wonderful volunteers out there that provide transport for a minor fee if not free of charge. So you can find a new member of your family in Louisiana or ten minutes away from your home; either way, it will be a enriching experience and addition to your life!

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