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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you walk multiple dogs at the same time? That's up to you! You can decide whether or not you and/or your dog is comfortable walking with an additional dog. If your dog prefers to be walked individually, Tail Wags is happy to oblige. If your dog prefers a walking pet pal, we will even attempt to find your dog a compatible four legged walking companion. If you have no preference, we may walk your dog with another well-behaved, friendly dog in some cases, and would never walk your dog with an animal that was unfriendly, aggressive or one that caused your pet any discomfort or stress. At no time, unless expressly requested by you, will your dog ever be walked with more than two other dog pals.

2. What does your dog walking rate include? The mid-day walking prices include filling the water dish, feeding (if applicable), a 10, 20, or 30 minute walk, and of course, a treat!

3. Do I have to sign a monthly contract? You don't have to sign a monthly contract but we do require notice on all requests and cancellations. 

4. What if I only want my dog walked 1 day/week? No problem! Whatever service contract you would like, we can provide.

5. Are you licensed/insured? How about bonded? Of course! We are licensed, insured, and bonded. I

6. What experience do you have with animals? Mary has grown up with dogs and cats all her life. She has a great deal of experience working with animal rescue organizations and finding homes for our canine and feline friends. Kate has also grown up with animals. In addition to dogs, she has had a horse for over 16 years, has worked on a farm, and just last year brought two baby goats into the world! Currently, she has two dogs, a cat, and her horse, Orion.

7. How many people will have access to my house and/or my keys? Since we are a small business, Mary, Kate and our mid day pet care specialists, Gina and Gail, will ONLY ever have access to your keys; we ensure that your keys and home will be protected at all times.

8. What is your 30-Minute-Consultation fee? Free! We believe it is extremely important to set up an initial interview to make sure Tail Wags is what you and your pet are looking for before we set up service.

9. What is your cancellation policy? When possible, we prefer a two week's notice for all cancellations and we will provide you with the same courtesy. Please follow the link to the right to read our detailed cancellation policy.

9a. What if I cancel due to an unexpected emergency? Tail Wags values honesty, trust, respect and communication above all else. We are always willing to discuss any questions, concerns and special requests; what's most important to us is that each individual feels heard and comfortable. So, in short, special consideration will be given to emergency situations.

10. What animals do you pet sit for? Tail Wags will pet sit for cats, dogs, birds, goats, ducks, bunnies, and horses.

11. What hours are mid-day walks scheduled? Dog walks are scheduled Monday-Friday between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Walks can be scheduled prior to 10am and after 4pm for a small fee. Additionally, weekend walks are available for a small fee.

12. I have two dogs, is it double the price? Of course not! Tail Wags offers great discounts on care for your second dog or pet. Add a second pup to your mid-day walk for only $5. Pet sitting rates for additional pets vary and is determined by location and size.

13. Do you offer a discounted rate for monthly contracts? Yes, we do. Please contact us via email for further information regarding those rates.

14. What does your Slumber Care pet sitting price include? Our Slumber Care pet sitting rate includes a minimum of two 30-minute walks, soft bedding, crating (if desired), food bowls, bathroom breaks throughout the day, play time, round the clock care and more!

15. Why should I choose Tail Wags as my pet-care service? Tail Wags strives to make our clients happy; we pay attention to the individual needs of your animal and do our best to make him/her as content as possible. Also, the intimate nature of our business allows for you to personally know and trust your pet care providers. No one but Kate and Mary will ever be in your home, leaving you with a sense of security regarding your home and pet. We know how hard it is to find good and caring pet care professionals; this is why we started Tail Wags--to offer premium service for a reasonable price!

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